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SOULFOOT the show is inspired by dance and music styles from different countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. It combines a variety of international dance styles with musicians, singers and acrobats and merges their performances into a moving and poetic work of art.


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Festival der Träume Innsbruck

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“Mind blowing! It was magical….will spread the word!”


 2014: Joburg Theatre (Nelson Mandela Theatre) Johannesburg/Südafrika





This journey through the land of dreams was exciting, awesome, unique…!”


 2014: “Festival der Träume “in Innsbruck




“Amazing kick off with spirtited worldmusic”

"Gaukler Festival" Koblenz





Tour 2011


"Soul Foot provides thunderous applause "


Weser Kurier 29/09/11




"Soulfoot - The Show" : A brilliant start off with spirited world music "


County newspaper 29.09.11




"Dream of music and acrobatics is true"


Westfalen-Blatt 04.10.2011




"Soulfoot thrilled with musical style mix of different cultures, dance and acrobatics "


Swabian newspaper 26.09.11




"550 visitors celebrated Soulfoot"


WAZ 04.10.11




"Artists from four continents impressed with common show Soulfoot"

Lingener Tageblatt 01.10.11



"The show "Soulfoot" drove the audience to new storms of applause and at the end to a standing


Main Post 10.10.2011



" A music show dance experience for the whole family

"Drum Fever and tango. Spectators can shake the blue tent."

Hamburger Morgenpost , 2010






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